Food Testing

We are currently offering testing of kibble (dry), dehydrated, freeze dried, raw, and cooked commercial pet foods. Testing will require at least two eight ounce samples of the food, depending on the tests requested.

Commonly requested testing includes:


  • Basic nutrient analysis
  • Macrominerals
  • Trace minerals

This profile goes above and beyond the basic information you would find on pet food label.

Microbial Safety

Detection of Salmonella and E. coli, as well as mycotoxins, mold and yeast counts

DNA Species Verification

Tests the biological content of the food, allowing verification of meats listed on the label

Amino acids

Testing for 19 amino acids, including taurine

Fatty Acids

Fatty acid parameters including saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, as well as 14 individual fatty acids

Custom testing panels and additional tests are available. Pricing is dependent upon food form, tests selected, and number of samples. Please contact us to discuss your testing needs.