Diet Evaluation

The diet evaluation service is a starting point for those who make their own cooked or raw home prepared diets. You simply provide us with the detailed information about your what you feed, and we provide you with the calculated nutritional values of what you are putting in the bowl. This is a perfect starting point for the DIY feeder.

Calculations are based on a typical meal, with amounts of ingredients provided in ounces or grams. The nutritional value of many supplements is available, and can be included in calculations. The more detail that is provided in the ingredient list, the more accurate the calculations.

Diet evaluation — calculations only: $65

Diet evaluation with adjustment for complete nutrition: $110

Ready to reserve your evaluation? Give us the details on what you are feeding using the form below. And click the PayPal link to pay for your evaluation. You will receive an email when we get your form and payment, and estimated date for the completion of you calculations. Currently, there is about a 2 week turnaround.