In today’s world, it is sometimes hard tell the facts from the “non-facts” or half-truths. Whether it’s vaccines, flea and tick products, or dog food, marketing and mythology can easily lead owners, veterinarians, and canine professionals astray. And that’s not even considering the advancement of our knowledge about dog health, that makes some of our old “facts” obsolete. Social media, websites, friends, and family all share conflicting, incorrect, and sometimes dangerous information. It is becoming incredibly difficult to know that we are making the best choices for our dogs.

That’s why Check Your Pet Food exists. It was founded as a way for consumers to have the opportunity to independently test a variety of parameters of commercial pet foods. We also provide independent testing for manufacturers, allowing them to get hard data on their products when they are handled as a consumer would, and to share that data with consumers. Check Your Pet Food is a private corporation independent of any pet food brand or organization (such as AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials), AFIA (American Feed Industry Association), PFI (Pet Food Institute), etc. Our goal is to present clear data on tested foods, so the consumer can make an informed decision about what they are putting the bowl. We also hope to inspire manufacturers to not only produce superior products, but to be honest, open, and accurate about their ingredients and nutritional quality.